And now! Circuit-switch:

I’m in love! I’m heartbroken. I’m institutionalized. I’m released! I’m thirty! I’m alone. I’m dropped from section 8. I’m randomly re-instated! The elementary school is condemned. My kid is transferred to the best school in the county! We’re working through it! We’re never talking again. We’re fucking like rabbits! We’re fighting like rescue dogs. I’m partnered. I’m single! I’m partnered. I’m single!  I’m multiple. I’m certified trauma-free! The government is shut down. We can leave the shelter early! I’m back in college! There’s a bear on campus. My mother moved to town!

She’s very, very ill.

Can we go back to the institutionalized, please? May I be buried in warm rotting leaves and left for the winter? I need to hibernate and root. I need to slip skin.

Tomorrow- Chicago instead. Smile pretty and shit Luna bars: the best way to travel.

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