Discharged to Outpatient

Outta the nuthouse. Not supposed to call it the nuthouse. Supposed to call it the “mental health facility”. Said slowly, see-sawed, with barely suppressed air quotes: “MENtal…HEALTH…FacILiTY”.

Yes. The coocoo has flown the coocoo nest.

Good morning. I am much, much, much better now. As in, for real. I’d suggest a few days stay at Providence St. Peter’s MENtal…HEALTH…FacILiTY to anyone with a proclivity for sunlight and sleep aids.

A song with which to start your day- or, depending on your time zone, lubricate your early afternoon and ease your evening. This is one of my favorite songs, although I haven’t listened to it in quite some time.

Cause I’ve got Ken Kesey on my mind: FURTHER, y’all.

Um, sorry for the corny graphics.

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