Made it home and didn’t expect to. A terrible, tearing sense of foreboding, despite green leaves and sunlight. Specifically:  concerns of a car wreck. A friend shared premonitions of such, intense enough that she canceled long held plans to visit me, as well as eschewed a training conference that she had paid for in Seattle. A similar sense of foreboding hit me suddenly while driving, of all places, to therapy.

Home now and alone. Before I got in the car again I asked L. to run a tarot reading. I don’t generally consider myself woo enough for tarot, but lately I am cracked open and reaching.

The tarot said: The transition taking place will intimately affect those around you and chart your life’s direction. Don’t go it alone- ask for help. Seek advice from teachers, counselors, wise spirits, and your higher self.

Also: Love, joy, and excitement are being reborn and nurtured. Renew old friendships and family ties. Drink the beauty of renewal into your heart.

And: Your relationship to nature is off balance. Life has been so full of obligations that you have neglected your sacred connections. Establish the connection and you will feel greater wholeness.

Connect is the primary message. Interesting at a time when my impulse is to isolate and run, when connection itself is the thing that so completely terrifies me.

I have a lot of work to do, y’all. Thank you so deeply for being here to witness and listen as I woo and worry and break open to greater dimensions.

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