A few things to know hence forth and forward:

I quit. For the next several months I refuse to be a professional writer. Instead, I will be focusing on my personal health and wellness and writing purely for pleasure (or pain, whichever tickles my very small pickle). And yes, this move is social worker, therapist, editor, voc rehab case worker, attorney, and doctor approved. Just in case I needed anyone’s opinion. Things got worse, so it’s time to let go and let fly.

So this blog here is about to get personal, which is, quite honestly, my personal interpretation of ‘experimental’. You are welcome to come along. If the world doesn’t end what, four days from now?-  and ya know, my ass is already post-apocalyptic, I wonder just how many apocalypses one ass can pack?- if the world doesn’t end come the solstice, my resolution for the new year is to get lighter. What’s yours?

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3 thoughts on “Quitting

  1. One ass can pack in a whole lot of apocalypses- I’m on my, oh I don’t know, 26th or so. I hope you and your pickle enjoy this time of writing for the hell of it-
    Please take very good care of yourself- sometimes it’s the only choice we have to survive, and also to become a better artist/writer etc…. It’s not quitting. A writer cant just write all the time- how boring that would be.

  2. Can’t wait to follow you on this experimental journey. Like Lex, my resolution (or quasi-resolution, as I’ve already started) is to get back under the barbell. I became a little bit dysmorphic when I realize that my butchy Southern body is becoming rounded in the shoulders from too many hours spent hunched over a laptop.

    Sending love yr way,

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