rabbit-hole the collaborative novel-thingy

Thought through this some more in the desert. This will not be a magazine or journal; that was my first thought but I don’t actually have the time for that. I know that I want it to be multi-media, an event, a process. A necklace of happenings, beads and all sorts of beautiful and unlikely objects with holes drilled through. But it’s also going to be a book.

Follow with me, now: In stage one, authors initially write their own disparate pieces. Each piece will have common elements, namely an emphasis on time and place, with a primary concious entity- what others might call a main character- that is journeying. A concious entity journeying through time/place: each author writes their own burrow. That’s stage one.

Stage two, the authors collaborate. Accepting that time, place, and entity will change, one author will conjoin their burrow to another author’s. The conjoined burrows will be sent to another author to thread in theirs, and so on.

Stage three, the consistency of the conscious entity- not in form, but in the talent of it’s shifts- will be what makes the pieces work together. All authors will view the body of burrows together and debate, edit, inspire, derail, reroute, and re-circuit.

When the conscious entity is alive and moving, boom. Rabbit-Hole. The Collaborative novel.

With room for writing of any form, as well as artwork, cartoon/graphic pieces, a scrapbook page, a xeroxed copy of someone’s ass with a scribble round the arsehole.

Yes. Yes.


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