I’ve been kicking around the idea lately of starting an art…thing that is both a magazine plus a happening, a sort of fabulous ouroboros of creativity, support, and nurturing intended to work towards social and spiritual change.

(I’m still not sure if I’m kicking around this idea because I’m avoiding writing my book.)

Based on the article I wrote on Lambda (here)- which was an attempt to pull together  some of my innately held assumptions about the living experience of creating, comment on what I’d like trans literature to be (or not be!), and indirectly defend the work of Anna Joy Springer and Stephen Beachy, [whom I feel should have been finalists for a Lambda Award this year], all while managing to work in my special ed experience and a weirdo-dream I had about neon-colored doughnut costumes- based on that article, I want to name the artthing Rabbit-Hole. And I want it to come together similarly to how Mark Leyner claims his novel The Sugar Frosted Nutsack came together:

The Sugar-Frosted Nutsack” was never actually “written”. A recursive aggregate of excerpts, interpolations, and commentaries, it’s been “produced” through layering and augmentation, repetition and redundancy. Composition has tended to more closely resemble the loop- based step sequencing we associate with Detroit techno music than with traditional “writing”.

-Mark Leyner, The Sugar-Frosted Nutsack

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