The first issue of Educe released today!

Grandma is dead now; I dream of her often. In the dreams she is sullen; she wants to come back. Sometimes I am her and I am dead, combing my yellowed hair in a dirty bathroom mirror.

-TT Jax, The Yellow Stripe

For two days I wrote The Yellow Stripe instead of sleeping or speaking. This was before we left the South, but after we knew we were leaving– the death threats, the bear, the Leonard shack had already happened. We returned to my mother’s boat garage to pack and finish the wedding we’d planned for over a year. It was fall.

The Yellow Stripe is a tangled story, difficult and tricky. A nonfiction story so hewed to reality that it’s nearly incoherent. Messy, confusing, plagued with dreams and ghosts: just like memory, just like my family.

Educe took a chance with it, though, even through multiple re-writes. I am grateful to them for that,and so proud to have my writing in the first issue of this journal.

I might just be a sentimental fuck today– in fact, I am– but The Editor’s note actually got me misty eyed, both for Hayne’s sincerity and my own resonance with his comments.

Borders Bookstore eventually created a Gay and Lesbian section, and my first perusal was disappointing.

The four shelves were lined with, mostly, queer erotica and instructional sex texts. There were only a few books that seemed literary. Since then, I have seen the publication of much queer genre writing, and I think this is true in the publishing world in general. Genre writing sells. (And, I have no beef. I love genre everything.) But, what about queer literary writing? What about that potential loss of language?

-Mathew Haynes, Editor-in-Chief of Educe

Thanks so much again to the editors and staff of Educe. I can’t wait to finish reading it, and damn are Eleanor Bennett’s photographs beautiful. Wow.

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