It’s happened.

Today, I’ve tumbled, tweeted, friended, and linked. I’ve re-sized numerous awkward pictures of myself, selected themes and passwords, and even revived this blog.

Why? Against my better judgement, I started a Facebook account. And then someone I didn’t know friended me.

It’s like the first time I got a Valentine in school that didn’t say “you’re out of this world” or “you’re really something”– you know, one of those vague corporate Valentines with aliens or bug-eyed dogs that essentially mean, “I think you’re pretty fucked, but my mom made me give you this anyway.”

It made me feel special.

In a quasi-career in which we rank our rejections as a way to guess at our progress (the editor signed their name and included one sentence written just for me!), feeling special is pretty special itself.

So I got greedy.

I put my ass all over the internet, hoping for more, more, more.

Come to me, internet strangers! I want to tumble with you, follow and be followed, friend and be friended, tweet and be tweeted at, post, pin, and pingback with you!

It’s happened– finally happened, since I was a 15 year old drop-out breaking up with my boyfriend on ICQ– the internet done got me again.

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